Improve member management of sports clubs

Improve member management of sports clubs

You can improve member management of your sports club an save time with the tools of Sport50! The management of your club as well as the entertainment of your fan community are highly important. It raises the question of how to efficiently manage a club. In many cases, club managers do not have the time to look after the administration intensively. The functionalities and tools of the Sport50 network target at the needs of the club members and the challenges for the club managers. With Sport50, the administration is a child’s play and you save time additionally.


 3 tips to improve member management with Sport50

  1. Connect your website with Facebook and Twitter

The social networks such as Facebook or Twitter serve more and more associations to connect and entertain club members. Sport50 connects the club website with its social network channels to reach simultaneously all supports. With this connection, all articles, pictures and videos are automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter. Push the social connect button in your administration area and follow the guidelines.

  1. Communicate with groups of interest

The communication between clubs and members is very important. With the categorization of members in different groups of interest, you get the possibility to reach these groups efficiently to communicate group specific information. Send program changes to your players, inform your supporters of game results or communicate with the club administrators. Enter in the administration area and create user groups in your community.

  1. Create training schedule with your calendar

Offer more to your supporters! The organization is simplified with the calendar function. Import all the games and trainings in the calendar and export the schedule in a PDF file or synchronize it with your smartphone.



Improve member managemet – Start now and create your platform on

Sport50 - Improve member management

Sport50 – Improve member management

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