Investing in sports marketing – an effective marketing strategy?

Investing in sports marketing –  an effective marketing strategy?

When does sports marketing make sense?

Technology has always changed the way marketing works. Thanks to the Internet and globalization, customers nowadays have access to information at any time and any place they want, which creates new advertising possibilities. Therefore, it would be unwise to deny the potential of new digital marketing opportunities. However, traditional marketing stays an essential component of every marketing strategy.

Despite of what people may say about advances in technology, what keeps being the essential for every advertising campaign is not only reaching as many customers as possible, but setting up a highly effective marketing campaign with high customer responsiveness. According to Google, the global CTR across all digital advertising formats is 0.06% (as of April 2015), which means less than 1 click per 1000 impressions. For rich media (animation, video, audio, games) this global overall CTR is with 0.27% already slightly better, but still far away from being an effective and efficient way of reaching consumers.

Since many years, marketing experts agree on the point that in order to increase the efficiency of a marketing campaign,  it is important to create a comfortable atmosphere and sense of well-being for the customer.

This is where sports marketing is so powerful!

What is special about sports is that sports organizations offer an environment of trust to their very unique audience. This feeling makes fans being tremendously passionate and loyal to the brands that help drive their sports because the emotional connection can be very strong.  It is this passion and the fact that sports can be so compelling that makes sports marketing an effective marketing tool to improve the efficiency of a marketing campaign as well as build up a long-term loyal customer base.


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